TRISTONE is the brand name for Acrylic Solid Surface material created by lion Chmtech Co., Ltd.

TRISTONE is priced to compete with natural Stone or Engineered Stone it is available in many colors and patterns.

The material can be formed to shape, which makes it Appealing to commercial and industrial desgners.

Specialist fabricators possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide advice and customer service.


  • Hygienic Material for kitchen and counter tops Tristone is non-porous which makes it highly resistant to bacterial growth an everyday stains. Tristone is NSF 51 certified for food contact.
  • Easy to Fabricate and design With an excellent thermaformable property , Tristone can Be shaped into various design. It is also available in Approximately 200 different colours which give you the Choice to create something unique for domestic And commercial applications.
  • Durability Tristone is much more durable against heat, moisture and other every day wear and tear in comparison to other surface materials.
  • Easy Maintenance By simply wiping the surface with a sponge or a wet towel, You can easily clean the dirt and food residue.
  • Integrated Kitchens and Seamless Joints With its specialized adhesive, Tristone can be joined Seamlessly to create integrated designs, backplash, up stands And sinks can be joined to give a continuous flow in design.